This Balplan frame was purchased on eBay as a unit to be used for a test case while figuring out how to work on the Balplan. The idea was to avoid damaging my scope in the learning process. This worked out quite well and, in fact, I didn't damage the test frame in the learning process - the Balplan turned out to be very easy to work on. The result of my exploration is the "Balplan Maintenance Guide" featured on this site.

This frame would be useful for someone else who is learning to work on the Balplan or as a source of parts, depending on what you need. The unit has a 31-32-43 base with 32w transformer, switch, and rheostat. It has the harness which goes to the light source used with the incident light model. It also has a fine focus mechanism which works very smoothly now (definitely well greased, due to my practice). The ff shaft end is slightly bent causing the ff knobs to wobble a bit - I believe this is easy to fix but requires a tool which I haven't made yet; I'll do this if someone needs a properly working ff mechanism.