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My HOME page uses small pictures and minimal text so it should load rapidly. Pages beyond the HOME page use more graphics so load time may be slightly longer for subsequent pages.

WebsByMegan did the initial site development with FrontPage. Support and expansion is my own using 1stPage 2000 by EVRSoft. 1stPage is a free HTML editor which is quite powerful and allows very rapid update and test. EVRsoft disappeared in July 2003 but 1stPage persists (at least on my system) -- the EVRsoft Forum is helpful for users although there is lots of hand-wringing over a promised update to 1stPage which never materialized.

1stPage provides a Javascript to automatically display the date/time of the most recent update to a page. I have included this script on most pages so if you have Java turned off for security reasons the update info may be missing. This script is included near the bottom of this page so you can see if it works for you.

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This page was   by John Moran, resident Balplan Mechanic and HTML tweaker.

"Site built with 1stPage 2000 by EvrSoft - Gone but not forgotten"