Be Safe Newtown
Newtown residents seeking a Lyme-free Newtown with deer-free roads,
a recovery of the woodlands and the return of native plant and bird
species within 5 years








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Bringing landowners and hunters together

This is a not-for-profit effort by residents of Newtown, CT to bring landowners and hunters together in order to facilitate the safe and humane reduction of deer in Newtown, CT.  By contacting us via e-mail we will respond back to you and arrange a time for you to meet with a person who is willing to dedicate the time necessary to reduce the number of deer traveling through your property, dropping tick eggs.

The  Indigo Bunting is a Connecticut shrub nesting bird whose habitat is endangered by deer and is no longer found in areas with more than 10 deer per square mile, according to Connecticut Audubon.

".. white-tailed deer are an essential part of the equation for the population of black-legged ticks, Ixodes scapularis, to reach levels enabling the continuation of the epizootic and human cycling of the Lyme disease spirochete. The reforestation of the northeastern U.S. over the last century has been accompanied by a huge increase in the deer population and the consequent huge population of the black-legged tick."
NYT July 27 2009

To contact us, click here.   Please include your name and phone number along with a convenient time to call.

Public Health is perhaps the
most important reason to want
to get deer numbers under
Housatonic Valley Council of Elected Officials.
March 2008

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