Be Safe Newtown
Newtown residents seeking a Lyme-free Newtown with deer-free roads,
a recovery of the woodlands and the return of native plant and bird
species within 5 years








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These signs have been strategically placed around the ball fields at our schools and along paths throughout Newtown, following the discovery by tick researchers of high numbers of ticks in many public locations around town.

"Both deer density, and the level of negative impacts from deer browsing, road-kill, and Lyme disease risk are inversely related to deer hunting access."  Maine Dept of Inand Fisheries and Wildlife


Deer Tick Nymph

Mission Statement

To organize Newtown residents to work together for the reduction of tick related diseases and vehicle accidents that result from deer overpopulation, and for restoration of the understory of the forest to help facilitate the return of many native bird and wildlife species. Newtown residents who recognize the need for action can participate in this effort. Through the voluntary efforts of landowners and licensed hunters working with the support of our town leaders, deer density levels in Newtown, CT can be reduced to 10-15 per square mile in an affordable, sensitive and responsible manner within three years.


Our goal is to increase the participation of landowners who are concerned for residents and their safety in a responsible program of deer population reduction.  For the 2012 hunting season we would like to add 100 landowners that did not participate in the process last year.

Who We Are

We are Newtown residents seeking to facilitate the process whereby willing landowners can be contacted by hunters who are committed to help remove deer from private land at no cost to the landowner.  While we will make every effort to rely on referrals for hunters before allowing them to contact you, we are in no way assuming any responsibility or liability for the hunters or for their actions.

Contact us today

Please contact us to arrange a convenient time for one of us to meet with you to discuss deer removal on your property.  Our goal is that all hunters who participate in this program will agree to help solve the community wide problem in a safe, responsive and sensitive manner.

To contact us, click here.   Please include your name and phone number along with a convenient time to call.

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